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Introducing #JetHouse

JetHouse is Europe’s largest TikTok house and home to
10 of the most innovative and energetic creators in the
social space.

With over 10 million followers and 700 million hashtag
views between them, JetHouse lead the way in content
creation, getting it seen by the right people, in the
right place, at the right time.

JetHouse work with brands to co-create content to
entertain; engage and connect with Gen Z.

Connecting Brands With Gen-Z

Win the hearts and minds of Gen-Z, in their native environment.

Traditional Marketing is ineffective with Gen Z

Gen Z watch on average 68 videos per day

72% prefer video over text-based information

Delivering Brand Impact at Scale

JetHouse co-create with brands to deliver full-funnel marketing campaigns. We build hype, cut through the noise and elevate your brand.

Work with us to position your brand as relevant for the next generation. Reach highly engaged and transactional Gen-Z audiences, for marketing campaigns with measurable results.


Delivering Gen-Z impact for leading brands

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